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We build extremely large flags and banners that are clearly readable up to 15 kilometres away. Most measure about 1,000 square metres (the average outdoor sign site measures at less than 50 square metres). We use trained air crews and special helicopters to conduct the flights. We thoroughly plan the flight to take advantage of crowds, events and natural pathways around the target city or venue and maximize impact. The flag or banner is secured to the bottom of the aircraft and has at the base of its leading edge a large weight designed to keep it flying straight and easily readable in the air.

Sakurai Aviation Limited presents itself as a leading domestic charter airline which is committed to catering to the short-haul domestic travel market, thus meeting the needs and wants of a diversified customer base in a most exclusive way. With the strong backing of our parent company - Sakurai Enterprises Company Limited in Japan

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+94 703626300
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